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Von Buhl Reserve BrutVon Buhl Reserve Brut – €16,90

Think Champagne is good? Try this.
Bollinger’s former chef de cave, Matthieu Kauffmann is one of the talents behind these super fine bubbles. That’s right, and he’s been turning heads since 2013 with masterpiece after masterpiece as technical director for Germany’s prestigious Pfalz winery, Reichsrat von Buhl.
Your friends will be impressed you knew that, but they’ll be more impressed when they taste it. (-;  You’re welcome.
Organic Certified.  Click here to buy


Hunter Women’s Original Tall Boots

I could literally live in these boots! I wear them all year round in the vineyards, cellar and when I’m out and about in the city.
Tip: In the winter they are super cute with knee high wool socks and leggings!
USA – Click here to buy for $110.00 – $167.00
UK – Click here to buy for £65.56 – £148.00
GERMANY – Click here to buy for €87,50 – €159,00


Zalto Universal GlassZalto Universal Glass
Set of 2 – €66,80

Legit, these glasses will change your life.
They aint’ cheap, but I kid you not… they will make your wine look, taste and smell its very best.
I hear the curves in the glass are designed after the earth’s tilt angles to create cosmic parallels in the wine. COSMOS IN YOUR WINE!
I bet Neil Degrasse Tyson drinks from these glasses in the bathtub while he ponders about the order of the universe….

Leatherman Pocket Tool Juice CS4 (incl. Wine Opener) – €87,88

A definite must-have for any adventurous, outdoorsy, wine-o!

-Wine & regular bottle opener
-420HC stainless steel clip point knife
-Needlenose pliers
-Wire cutters
-Hard wire cutters
-and more

Full product description here.

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