Thanks for stopping by.
My name’s Jana, but I go by the.wine.girl on social.
In 2015 I quit my job as a waitress in downtown Toronto and moved to Europe. I wanted to get a foot in the door in the wine business, so I took a job working harvest in Germany. Today I’m a self-employed, fully certified oenophile with a focus on content creation & story-telling for industry brands.
What happened between the 2015 harvest and this very moment is history. But you’re welcome to read about it in my ‘Chronicles’ articles. 😉

Instagram: @the.wine.girl  –  Facebook: The Wine Girl
Email: info@thewinegirl.de


  1. Bess

    Hi Wine Girl!

    Love your story! So yea my story is quite similar. Although I’m a bit older…I followed my wine dream as well. If you’d like to hear more about my journey please check out my website.
    Would love to chat!
    We are growing Greek grapes and making delicious wines that are SO rare and pretty much unknown in the US. Wondering…would you like to give them a try? I mean, really who else can offer you luscious wines like Negro Amaro, Assyrtiko…Moschofilero???
    Let me know. HAPPIEST HOLIDAYS ever!



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