cropped-img_31792.jpgMy inspiration behind ‘The Wine Girl’ has always just been about story-telling. There is so much pretence (and nonsense) in the world of wine; it ruins the fun!

I want to show the sunny, real-life stories that make up wine and its production and I promise not to bust out ridiculous lists of bizarre tasting notes or bore you with paragraph after paragraph of textbook facts.

I’ve studied wine from books and teachers, worked in cellars climbing in and out of concrete eggs and steel tanks with scrub brushes and “water-proof” gear (that never really did keep any water out). I’ve spent countless hours between the vines on steep, south-facing slopes in the heat of summer and the coldest, darkest days of winter. I’ve had my alarm clock set for just about every un-Godly hour you can imagine to do things like dynamizing cow manure by moonlight in order to have a bio-dynamic prep. ready to spray over the vines at sunrise. I travel the world for sales and I travel the world because I am curious.

I have no shiny pin or prestigious degree but I live in a wine world and I want to show you as much of it as I can.

Somebody somewhere put a whole lot of heart into what you’re sipping on, so let’s all just keep it light and enjoy what we have in our glasses.



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