Planting Vines

The Quick Scoop on: Planting

In case you thought that grapevines were planted from seeds and grown on their own roots, think again. In fact, they pretty much never are!⁠

To produce the best and most resilient grapevines, two things are critical: ⁠

  1. the varietal cutting: consisting of a scion (a living ‘twig’ from the desired vine variety) with 2 buds. In the photo above, the variety Sauvignon Blanc is used.⁠
  2. the rootstock: selected by the grower for its resistance to certain pests, mainly phylloxera, or climatic hazards like drought.⁠

The scion is coated in wax to protect it from drying out and the 2 pieces are grafted together and planted in late winter or early spring.

After about 2 weeks, the new buds will push through the wax – the lower of the two becoming the vine’s new, main stock.

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