Happy Ho Ho

I’ll keep this short since I’ve got a pot of melting camembert on the stove and a house full of family who I like to keep above a certain BAC during the holidays. 😉

I’m spending this Christmas this year with my husbands family in a beautiful little German town about 10km from the border to the Netherlands. It’s 4pm on Christmas Eve and we just got back from the local pub. The perfect time to crack open a bottle of bubbly!

Since this is my year to spend Christmas in Germany, and my brothers are also spread out around the world, my parents decided to get crafty and make a little game of clues to lead us to our gifts. Starting on Dec. 24, we each get an email at midnight with a riddle, which we have to solve in order to move on to the next.
The first one is:

Clue 1)
Published as a chant or rhyme in 1780, it was felt that Twelvetide is a code for the Nativity story through to the arrival of the Magi. It allowed children to secretly practice Catholicism during the time it was outlawed in England. The first password has nine letters (starts with a capital) and is the first of the seven birds!
Merry Christmas Love Mom and Dad

Aren’t they the craftiest!? The first email came with a bank transfer of $12,12 (to represent the 12 Days of Christmas I presume) and to deposit the money I need to answer the security question with the solution to the clue. If I get it wrong three times the money is returned to sender and I have to wait for the next days clue!

Any idea what the answer could be?! I think I’ve got this one figured out but I won’t spoil it for you. Leave your guess in a comment!

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, Happy Ho Ho, and share my Christmas plans with all you festive wine-o’s! I hope you too have had the chance to kick back with a glass of your favourite wine today in the company of loved ones.

Tonight’s Wine

Reichrats von Buhl – 2015 Rose Brut

Weingut am Stein – 2015 Stettener Stein Silvaner GG

Weingut am Stein – 2015 MONTONIA Spätburgunder
Vineland Estates – 2012 Cabernet Franc Reserve

Weingut am Stein – 2015 Silvaner Auslese

Tonight’s Dinner

IMG_5272_Facetune_25-12-2017-14-39-47 2

Amuse Bouche:
Salmon & Avocado Tartare

Zucchini Cream Soup

Pork Roast in Camembert Sauce with Mushrooms and Parmesan Croquettes

Frozen Vanilla Yoghurt with Mango & Honey

Tonight’s Music

Theme Time Radio Hour with Bob Dylan, Episode 34: Christmas & New Years.
Click here to listen!

Tonight’s Game

Speak Out (‘Klartext’ in German)

The funniest game I’ve ever played!

Players have to try to read phrases clearly enough for the rest of their team to guess what they said while wearing a mouthpiece that keeps them from being able to close their lips! Hilarioussss!
Buy the English version for delivery in North America here: Hasbro’s Speak Out (English Version)

Buy the German version here: Hasbro’s Klartext (German Version)



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